Arty Parties

For children aged 5 - 11 years old Make Like a Tree offers creative Arty Parties in Auckland. Party venues on the North Shore (Mairangi Bay, Birkenhead and Devonport), Central Auckland (Ponsonby) and East Auckland (Meadowbank). If your area is not listed here we will find a venue near you to host the party.

Tell us the sorts of creative things you enjoy doing, or your favourite animal or hobby and we will design a creativity party activity just for you! 

For bookings or more information and prices email or 0212130213.


childrens art parties Auckland

Children LOVE to make things with clay. Design your own clay party or discuss options with us for a clay birthday party. In keeping with our philosophy we use recycled clay and our parties are held at Mairangi Arts Centre Clay studio in Mairangi Bay. 

childrens art parties Auckland

The timeless activity of either paintings or drawing is always a hit with children. You can decide what you would like to paint or draw or talk to us to explore your options. Can be held at a venue in your local community.

childrens art parties Auckland

You choose what you want to do and what materials you want to use from our range of found objects. eg collage, assemblage or craft. Can be held at a venue in your local community.

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