Explore your local environment by taking a print from interesting surfaces. Take a walk with some recycled paper and drawing material. 80 - 160gm paper and a pastel best. Find a water meter, manhole, tiles, signs, trees, anything textured. or layered. Make sure you are in a safe spot., then place your paper over the top of your surface and rub with your drawing material. This may take a bit of practice to get the pressure right. I find paper of around 80 - 120gms is best with a pastel on its side but  try any drawing material you have. You can even try rubbing over the top of pre-printed paper.. A great use for junk mail!


Rubbing by Jessica

Shadow tracing
Shadow tracing

On a sunny day, put on a hat, grab a piece of recycled paper and drawing material (vivid markers are great but you could use indian ink, pastel, pencil etc) Find some interesting shadows to trace. Plants and people are great. for this exercise. Watch how the shadows move slowly as you trace. You'll have to be quick to capture them!

An alternative to this is to trace the shadows directly onto the concrete with chalk or mark them out on the grass with wire.

Curtiss and Jack tracing shadows

Throwing Clouds - Playing with perspective

Have fun with found objects and photography. Use the camera to create  playful images like this one. Experiment with perspective by placing things or people at varying distances from the camera and take a shot!

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