Creative Freedom



Make Like a Tree is an initiative by Cath O'Brien to support and advocate for the creative freedom of children.

Cath facilitates creative spaces/classes in Auckland where

children develop their own creative language through drawing, painting, collecting, play, experimentation,, assemblage, collaboration, story telling, sound,, movement and mixed media..

Children work within a supportive structure.. They can work independently or with the facilitator to learn techniques and explore concepts.




group drawing.jpg

Community building/


Children learn well from one another and there is a strong sense of community in the classes.

Collaboration happens naturally and is supported. Communication and relationships with parents and carers are valued.








.Children are exposed to a wide range of materials including recycled and found objects.

Out of respect for our environmentWhenever possible we use found objects and recycled tools and materials






Visual Language



Everyone is born with an ability to communicate creatively using their own visual language.

 It is important that this ability is nurtured and developed.

Children need time, space, materials and inspiration for art making. Listening to the story about the art is a window into the way a child see's the world. The child learns to communicate  effectively through their visual language gaining confidence in expressing their thoughts, emotions and ideas







Environment as Teacher



In a creative space accessibility is key. Materials and resources can be displayed and stored in an accessible way for children so they can make their own choices in their creative process. Children have space to create and develop installation artwork. As well as traditional art making tools and materials, found objects and unwanted materials are collected and made available for children to investigate and explore materiality.






.Creative Self Expression

Develop intuition and imagination

Confidence in bringing ideas into reality

Development and strengthening of own visual language

Collaboration/ learning how to share ideas and listen to the ideas of others

Kinesthetic learning/ learn by doing

Time away from screens to experience the physical world!

Opportunity for exploration,/experimentation/ innovation

Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills






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