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Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see. Paul Klee


.Make Like a Tree is an initiative created to support and advocate for the creative freedom of children.


Cath O'Brien is the founder of Make Like a Tree. Cath facilitates creative spaces and offers children's art classes and initiatives in the Auckland region and online . She has also curated children's exhibitions, interactive performances and community events.

In Cath's creative spaces, children explore and develop their own creative language through drawing, painting, collecting, play, experimentation,, assemblage, collaboration, story telling, sound, music, movement and mixed media. Creativity takes many shapes and forms and is not limited to painting and drawing.. Children are exposed to a diverse range of material and processes for art making.

Children learn well from one another and there is a strong sense of community in these classes.


In any creative space accessibility is key. Materials and resources are readily available for young artists.. As well as traditional art making tools and materials, found objects and unwanted materials are collected and made available for children to investigate and explore materiality.

Often there is a  focus on the uniqueness of our natural environment. Children will become familiar with New Zealand's native birds, animals, trees, plants and more through their creative initiatives..





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